Mahadhamma Kathika Bahujanahitadhara
Aggamaha Kammathanacariya
Baddanta Eindaka Mahathera of
The Mahasi-oriented Nyaungkan Aye Meditation Centre.
Dhammacariya U Than Khin

  1. The Birth of the Future Sayadaw
    The child to be the future Sayadaw was born on Sunday, the thirteenth waning of the first Myanmar month of Tankhu, at three o'clock in the evening 1300 M.E to U Ba Daung and Daw Pwe Han who steadfastly devoted their life to the cause of the Sasana for its promotion. The place of birth is the Nyaungkan village, Butalin Township, Monywa District,Sagaing Division. This is the sacred spot where the famed Buddhist scholars such as Sayadaw U Buddh arose as the victorious banner of Sasana acclaimed in the Buddhist tradition as the Saga-Buddh in the beginning: Buddh is the middle: Buddh in the end of Sasana. The spot is also held in veneration as the Land of Victory where the frog defeated the snake,the rat, the cat and deer, the tiger.

  2. Noviciation and Ordination
    At the age of thirteen the boy was Noviciation receiving the title of Shin Eindaka with Sayadaw Bhaddanta Eindavantha of The Shintmyethna Monastic Establishment, Nyaungkan village as his preceptor.
    He was ordained on the 5th waxing of the second Waso month of Myanmar, 1320 M.E. Under the full patronage of his parents and relatives with Thinbaw Kyaung Sayadaw Bhaddanta Eindavantha Mahathera acting as the preceptor.

  3. Learning of the Buddhist Scriptures
    Starting from 1313 M.E. together with Sayadaw Bhaddanta Eindavantha, his preceptor, the Future Sayadaw learnt thoroughly to his satisfaction, the Buddhist scriptures the three Pitakas, The five collection of Discourses together with the commentaries and subcommentaries from the noble presiding Sayadaws and the noted teacher Sayadaws at the following Buddhist Establishments: Mokaung Kyaung Teik, Mandalay; Kankaw Kyaung Teik, Mandalay; Maniyatanapon Kyaung Teik, Monywa; Mahavithutarama (central), Pakokku.

  4. The Practice of Meditation
    At the instance of Bhaddanta Sandavara, the senior Mahathaera Sayadaw of the Hlaing Township in the year 1332, M.E. he was trained in the noble practice of meditation strictly in the way of the Buddha at the Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha, under the close guidance and personal supervision of the Mahasi Sayadaw, The Questioner at the sixth Buddhist Synod, the writer of various Buddhist Synod, the writer of various Buddhist treatises, the world Buddhist Missionary and Aggamahapandita.

  5. The Performance of Duty on the Mahasi Touring Body of Dhamma Teachers.
    In the year 1332 M.E. under the patronage of the benefactor Mahasi Sayadaw, together with Bhaddanta Sandavara Mahathera, Aggamahakammethanacariya, Chanmya-aungsi Sayadaw; Mandalay now the Advisory Sayadaw, The Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw formed the Mahasi Touring Body as the secretary, vice president until today.
    As he was prominent as the writer Nyangkan Eindaka in the Pakokku Sasananikaya Association so also he is well-known as Nyaungkan Ashin Eindaka of the Mahasi Touring Body Dhamma Teachers.

  6. In support of the Task of the Mahasi Sayadaw
    Having undergone the training in the practice of meditation to the full satisfaction of Mahasi Sayadaw he served the Mahasi Sayadaw as the close, intimate, inner pupil from 1327 M.E. on wards and played with might and main to the best of his ability the front role in the discharge of the duties of the Mahasi Sayadaw as follows:
    • The duty of Patipatti (the practice of the Dhamma)
    • The duty of Dhamma Teacher.
    • The duty of Meditation Instructor.
    • The duty of Distribution of Dhamma Publication.
    • The duty of writing and compiling Dhamma literature.

  7. Full Efficient Discharge of The Duties Assigned
    As assigned by the Mahasi Sayadaw he performed the duty of the teacher of Kamathan in the Mahasi branches in Mandalay, Pathein, Mezalegon, Henzada, Inlay, Shan State and other various parts of the country. Then he worked without grumbing whether hot or cold or near or far to unhesitatingly discharge the duties of Sasana heaped on him by the Mahasi Sayadaw.

  8. The Founding of the Mahasi-oriented Nyaungkan Aye Sasana Yeiktha-Meditation Centre
    These will be mentioned in the chapter. The History of Mahasi-oriented Nyaungkan Aye Yeiktha.
    1. To hold meetings to open the centre.
    2. To look for and find out the right spot for the centre.
    3. To hold the ceremony of hosting the signboard.
    4. To donate the centre (Land+ building) in conformity with the rule of Vinaya.
    5. Pre-eminent as Nyaungkanaye Sayadaw.

  9. Working for the Promotion of Sasana Through Buddhist Literature.
    While taking shelter under the cool shade of the Mahasi Sayadaw he worked hard in discharge of the duty deputed to him by the great benefactor Mahathera he was acclaimed in the land of literature as Nyaungkan Moe, Nyaungkan and Nyaungka Ashin Eindaka thanks to his worthy Buddhist contribution to the world of literature. He is still writing and publishing the articles and newsletter and treatises on Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. Many and various are the publications numbering more than 41, including poems, articles, fine picturesque literary pieces and so on.

  10. A Worthy Receiver of the Inheritance from the Mahasi Sayadaw
    The Mahasi Sayadaw worked ceaselessly for the spread of Mahasi Patipatti Sasana (the practice of meditation) not only in the country but in every part of the world also. True to the Mahasi spirit and Mahasi tradition in the fulfilment of the inheritance the Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw, driven by the relentless urge to spread the Sasana in the country and in the world as well, sets out on missionary tour to many countries of the world such as Asia, Europe, America and so on. The Dhammaduta mission covers (22) countries at so many times.

  11. The Situation on to the Promotion of Patipatti Sasana
    Motivated by the noble urge for the spread of Mahasi Patipatti Sasana with the emphasis on the Mahasi method by way of the true compliance with the will of The Buddha the Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw is able so far to found the Nyaungkan Aye meditation branches as under

    (A) Nyaungkanaye Meditation Branches

      • Mahasi-oriented Nyaungkan Aye Kwinchaung Meditation Centre.(Thingankyun Township)
      • Mahasi- oriented Shwepyitha Thathana Yeiktha (Shwepyitha Township)
      • Mahasi- oriented Kanle Thathana Yeiktha (Thegon Myo-Pyi)

    (B) Eight meditation branches founded by the disciples of the Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw.

    (C) 20 Dhammakathika kammathana cariya Sayadaws have come forth including the 4 Mahasi touring Dhammakathika preacher as a result of rearing and cultivation of future Dhammakathika every year.

  12. Emergence of Religious Edifices
    The daily routine of the Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw: contemplation of Dhamma; teaching the Dhamma; instructing how to practice Dhamma, writing and compiling of the Dhamma; full dischange of the Sasana responsibilities the constant recitation of the 11 protective verses (Pareikta) during the spare time-help him win over the love and veneration of Devas (Deities) of the copromoters of Sasana, of the well-wishers and of the Yogis.
    Following this the Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw is able to set up the following religious edifices in the religious domain proclaimed by the spectacular signboard‚ Mahasi-oriented Nyaungkan Aye Thathana Yeiktha‚ in the holy land of 0.87 area situated at No(6), East Gyogon, Insein Road,Insein Township, Yangon, as if created by Visukyon Devaputta, the assistant to the king of Devas:
    1. The archway of Mahasi-oriented Nyaungkan Aye Thathana Yeiktha
    2. The brick wall all around the Yeiktha
    3. The Maha Samaya Sima Hall
    4. Metta Aye residence monastery
    5. Five-storied Sasanasitala Dhamma Vihari building
    6. The Pagoda, the replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda
    7. The Samaarjiva Arharaaye Refectory
    8. Vipassanaaye Ladies' Hall
    9. Satipathanaye Ladies' Hall
    10. Office room
    11. The tank
    12. The water tower/water pump/water tank (Ayemyathida) (Ayemya Sanda)
    13. Motor engines and pumps
    14. Toilet rooms

    These religious edifices, equipments and installations arose during the 25-years will continue to mention.

  13. The Opening of the Training Course for Promotion of Sasana, Home and Abroad.
    The above course was formally opened in 1993 personally supervised by the Sayadaw.
    The Sayadaw visited 22 countries many times on the Dhamma messenger mission. During these trips he experienced the difficulties and frustration due to the inability to speak, read and write English fluently. This led him to open a course of English for the new generation so that they may carry out the missionary work smoothly and easily. This course has been running successfully with the willing and fervent support of the retired scholars and teachers willing and ready to contribute to the gift of learning.
    Arrangement is also made for the outstanding students to continue their education abroad. As the fruits of the above training course the 10 Nyaungkanaye Student monks have been continuing their further education study in Sri Lanka, India and America. There are 3 M.A. monks and 2 B.A. monks.

  14. Parahita Service
    The Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw is interested not only in the two duties of Sasana learning and practice but also keenly drawn to the welfare actives for the poor and needy. He, therefore, had the Nyaungkan Aye Lokachantha Parahita Institute opened under his ardent and close personal supervision for the promotion of destitute children in the matters of education,health,economy and civilization and culture in the Nyaungnhapin,special zone(2) in the year 2002. Accordingly the institute is thriving now offering refuge to the orphans under personal care, love and compassion afforded by Ashin Nyaneiksara (Mawlu).

  15. Conferring of Titles and Medals by the State
    The Nyaungkan Aye Sayadaw shows extremely great zeal and relentless effort in the performance of the duty of Sasana. Here is the living example set by the Sayadaw. Having delivered the night Sermon in Monywa he continued on his way by car to reach Nyaungkan Aye, the home center in time to preach the appreciation Sermon for the ceremony of novitiation and ordination. No sooner had he got out of the car, than he was up on the raised platform deist ready to preach. Another in stance:
    After the night sermon in Nyaung-U he was on his way by car to Magwe to deliver Dhamma talk there non-stop successively without taking rest. Then he continued to Yangon to be in time to preach at the Nyaungkan Aye. The executive members were very much awed by the feats of extreme energy and incomparable zeal shown by the Sayadaw.
    We are also very much surprised at the inexhaustible effort of the Sayadaw when we happen to read the Sayadaw's publications recording his experiences during his missionary tour, home and abroad. What a wonder! How amazing!
    Thus, in veneration and honor to the prevent and ceaseless effort in the performance of both the pariyat and patipat duties by the Sayadaw the State Peace and Development Council conferred upon the Sayadaw (1) The tittle of Mahadhamma kathika bahuzanahitadhara; (2) Agga Maha kammathanacariya.

  16. The Striking Virtues of the Sayadaw
    For the spread, purity a perpetuation of Sasana the two forms of support and service are required: material support and spiritual support. We see in the Sayadaw both forms of support- Paccayanuggaha and Dhammanuggaha- two admirable, striking virtues commended by the Buddha Himself.
    As we all know the Nyaungkan Aye Sasana Yeiktha compound and buildings there on-was formally and personally donated to the Sayadaw as personal property from the very outset. However, the Sayadaw, true to the song of the Buddha, entirely in the spirit and service of Sasana, transfer the Yeiktha to the Board of Trustees of the Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha.So as to cut off the bondage of personal attachment to the property or possessions.
    We also see that the Sayadaw donates by lot every year all the various items of articles of alms received by him during the year more than (1000) members of Sangha gathered at the yeiktha to perform Pavarana at the end of the vassa, Rain Retreat. The Sayadaw also offer (Money) to the student monks continuing their study abroad on the successful completion of the course at Nyaungkan Aye Buddhist Training Center for home and abroad. This is the Sayadaw's contribution to the cause of Sasana by way of material support.
    The Sayadaw himself teaches the Dhamma; produces the future generation of Dhammakathika; training them to be able to preach; write and let others write publication on Dhamma; opens daily and regular retreats (regular and special occasions to practice meditation) and builds grand-religious edifices where many, many yogis pursue and can pursue the spiritual practice of meditation in peace, in serenity and in comfort. This is also Sayadaw's vital role for the promotion of Sasana in the way of Dhammanuggaha.

Thus led by the efficient and selfless leadership of the Sayadaw we witness the steady progress and advance of the Nyaungkanaye Sasana Yeiktha.
Dhammacariya U Than Khin
Translator- U Kyaw Shein


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